Jiobit GPS Tracker For Kids

Being a parent is hard work and my number one priority is their safety. I’m not overly protective but this day and age can bring on worry. There’s the usual fear of losing my child in a crowded, public area, or leaving them in someone else’s care.


Let’s be real…

There are lots of things to consider as a parent nowadays that wasn’t a big deal when I was growing up. We have five kids and our toddler is more active and rambunctious than any of the others were. So he’s the kid at events running away as fast as he can and I’m the mom chasing him down shoving people so I don’t lose sight of him. Can you relate? It’s not a pretty sight!
Our other kids who range from 7-9 years old like to run around the neighborhood to play. We have new people who constantly move in and out around here which makes me feel uneasy with them out of my sight.
I had heard of tracking devices for children and thought, what a great invention! So I looked into them. I have been using a tracker by Jiobit and I’m so pleased with it! It includes a small, discreet device that easily attaches to your childs pocket, belt, backpack (to name a few) and can even be tucked into their sock. With a simple app that can be downloaded through your phone, you now have a way of tracking your child with Accurate and Real Time Tracking. So from ANY distance your app will pinpoint the devices location.
They say It’s like watching an Uber or Lyft ride driving up on a map and it does! I love that it uses Google Maps to update your location on your phone. So if you are at an event, park, beach or mall just add in the address or city and Jiobit shows you the mapped area, down to the street names. Awesome!
Jiobit features we love:
-Trusted Places allows you to set up a “Geofence” around an area. When my kids play in our neighborhood I put in our address on the app and set up a buffer area. The device will let me know if the kids have entered or left that area. This is one of my favorite features!
-Live Mode is used when your Jiobit is in motion and not in your Trusted Places. We love this when we are out and about since it also shows the location of the kids in 3D mode! That way you get a better view of the location.
-You can add trusted people like your spouse or parents to your Care Team. Then the app will let you know who the kids are with when they aren’t with you! It let’s me know when and who picked up the kids from their activities.
-Its great for Pets!! How frustrating is it to not be able to locate your pet? Driving around calling their name, hoping someone had seen them. What a great device for pet owners to just clip onto their collar!
I have to point out a big worry I had with these devices was making sure our data was safe and no one could “tap in” to the Jiobits location. So for your peace of mind
Your child’s data is always encrypted, which means only you and your designated care team can see their location.
And… its Coppa Compliant* Jiobit complies with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, protecting the personal information of children under 13.
I couldn’t be happier with the Jiobit. It honestly gives me relief and peace of mind. Check them out for more info and to get your very own Jiobit here!